The U.S. Government Is Quietly Adopting DLT Technology

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An internal document from the U.S. government reveals the names of the federal departments that are quietly adopting “DLT” technology.

The Center for Disease Control and the General Services Administration are already partway through a 6-month trial of integrating the technology across their systems, according to the document.

Hailed as the most significant invention since the Internet, DLT Technology is a stunning breakthrough in computer engineering.

Currently there are only about 15.2 million users. That is just 0.2% of the global population.

But that’s expected to change after May 4, 2018.

Already IBM, Google, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley are all racing to take the new tech to market.

One major CEO went as far as calling it The biggest opportunity we can think of over the next decade.”

Indeed, two senior White House officials stated publicly that the administration has doubled down on its commitment to DLT technology in government operations.

In a recent interview, renowned Silicon Valley investor Jeff Brown explained exactly how this technology works and why the U.S government is racing to adopt it…

And why, because of a recent surprise move from the Trump administration, he expects things to heat up quickly after May 4th, 2018.

Take a few moments to watch it below and decide for yourself.

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