Huge State Tax “Holidays” in August

If you live in Louisiana, South Carolina, Missouri, or Tennessee, you’re really in luck…

You can forget Christmas in July. A number of states across the country are offering sales-tax holidays primarily during the dog days of August. Seeing as state sales taxes can be as high as 7%, these newfangled holidays offer a great savings opportunity… and specifically target popular back-to-school items such as clothing, footwear, electronics and sports equipment.

In the table below, you will find details about the relevant sales-tax respites. It is important to note that the values listed are “per item,” which means sales taxes are waived for each applicable item costing that amount or less.

State (Regular Rate)DatesItem (Limit)
Arkansas (6.50%)8/5-8/6Clothing ($100)
School Supplies (no limit)
Clothing Accessory & Equipment ($50)
Connecticut (6.35%)8/20-8/26Clothing & Footwear ($100)
Florida (6.00%)8/4-8/6School Supplies ($15)
Clothing and Footwear ($60)
Iowa (6.00%)8/4-8/5Clothing & Footwear ($100)
Louisiana (5.00%)8/4-8/5Tangible Personal Property ($2,500)
Maryland (6.00%)8/13-8/19Clothing & Footwear ($100)
Backpack & Bookbag ($40)
Missouri (4.225%)8/4-8/6Computers ($1,500)
Software ($350)
Peripheral Devices ($1,500)
School Supplies ($50)
New Mexico (5.125%)8/4-8/6Clothing & Footwear ($100)
Computers ($1,000)
Computer Equipment ($500)
School Supplies ($30)
Ohio (5.75%)8/4-8/6Clothing ($75)
School Supplies ($20)
Oklahoma (5.50%8/4-8/6Clothing ($100)
South Carolina (6.00%)8/4-8/6Clothing (no limit)
School Supplies (no limit)
Computers (no limit)
Texas (6.25%)8/11-8/13Clothing, Backpack, School Supplies ($100)
Virginia (5.30%)8/4-8/6Clothing ($100)
School Supplies ($20)

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